"We Account for Kids"
School Safety

"It's easy, reliable...provides peace of mind schools need to manage modern safety concerns!" -Principal Clippard Elementary

Proudly Serving the 1st, 3rd and 9th largest schools in MO!

Web-Based Accounting Solutions for All Schools

"I would tell other teachers...your school day doesn't have to end in chaos...there is another way!"

-Teacher, Dismissal Duty

On-Site Training

KIDaccount arrives on-site to assist schools with installation and staff training for all  dismissals...Incl. DISASTER PREPAREDNESS, DIGITAL SIGN IN/SIGN OUT, CAR LINE, BUS MODULES...and MORE!

Innovative Security Solutions

Smooth software integration, functions on school's network

Blends 21st Century Technology with Human Verification

Parent App ( IOS, Android)

"I'm most impressed that KIDaccount instantly provides critical information to 1st responders"


KIDaccount representatives are here to assist your school!

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