KIDaccount's Modular School Safety System

The web-based application integrates with most existing school hardware ensuring ease of use for all users. 

Real-Time Schedule Changes Communication

Dismissals are streamlined with schedule changes instantly communicated from the front office to the classroom and the option to release students directly from the classroom. As a silent dismissal software, KIDaccount eliminates the audio/radio traffic, overhead paging, and manual processes regarding dismissal changes.

Student dismissal changes are shown as red on the teacher's page so the teacher and students know there has been a change in their daily dismissal method.
Teachers regain valuable classroom time

Eliminate notes, calls, and overhead paging

Chaos to Calm: Reduce stress for all


Classroom display shows real-time changes

Instantly create dismissal schedules

Log Report tracks daily changes from parents

Quickly make daily dismissal changes

Changes are shared throughout system

Increase accountability

Automated Carline System

Your release staff will love our secure and automated carline system! Increase safety and reduce chaos with 100% accountability and easy-to-use human verification tools.

Eliminate daily carline chaos

Fast, safe, and simple dismissal

Increase accountability for every pick-up

Peace of mind for administration

4-Point Student Release System

scan driver id in carline

Dismissal staff checks driver ID against each student's approved pick up list

Automatic notification sent to release student

From the classroom or holding area

students queued for dismissal

Organizer positions students by order of carline

Dismissal Staff

Dismiss students to their cars

Bus & Transportation

Daily transportation is seamless with a daily manifest to tell you who should be on the bus, based on dismissal changes and a bus ridership to tell you who was actually on the bus.

Students are shown their bus number in the classroom during dismissal time and then are scanned onto the bus so each child is accounted for.
Scan KIDaccount ID Cards

Fast & accurately scan students on the bus with 100% accountability

Daily Bus Manifest

Allows bus drivers to know exactly who is on the bus to ensure all students are accounted for

Transportation departments & bus drivers love it!

Simple process to improve accountability

Visitor Management

A complete visitor management solution featuring multi-campus attendance tracking, cross-reference sex offense data, and sign-in/out for students, staff, and volunteers.

Visitor Management Screen
Manage Visitors, Parents, Staff & Students

Visitor Badge Printing

After School Programs

Digital dismissal lists students enrolled in after school programs, with daily changes and provides added safety including authorized caregiver data, student sign-in/out, and attendance tracking.

After School Attendance Report Screen
Simple & Efficient Scheduling

Digital Rollcall

Dismissal to Authorized Caregivers

Drills & Reunification

Be prepared with our simple and easy-to-use emergency management solution featuring a first responder’s dashboard, fast roll call, and more reunification tools.

Drills and Reunification Digital Roll Call Screen
Real-Time Digital Dashboard

Red Card / Green Card Management

Evacuation and Lockdown Drills

HallPass Management

Always know who is in your hallways and bathrooms. Create and manage hall passes, prevent meet-ups, locate student whereabouts, and download comprehensive reports.

Hall Pass Limits

Restricted Meet-Ups

Comprehensive Reports

See KIDaccount's Complete Solution in Action