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The Daily School Safety & Dismissal Experts

The Daily
School Safety & Dismissal Experts

Easily account for the safety of every student, every day, all day

Easily account for the safety of every student, every day, all day

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Student Safety Designed For Your District

Image shows the teacher dashboard for dismissal with students in the respective Carline, Bus and After School sections. Student dismissal changes are shown as red on the teacher's page so the teacher and students know there has been a change in their daily dismissal method.

Dismissal Changes and Communication

Spend less time managing dismissals and more time with students! Minimize classroom disruptions with real-time dismissal changes synced between the front office, classroom, and dismissal staff.


Automated Student Release System

KIDaccount helps eliminate the chaos and allows for a safer and more efficient dismissal process. Our classroom dismissal feature allows students to be dismissed to their bus or the carline directly from their classroom.

Daily Dashboard in KIDaccount. Shows the General Daily Report and the Total Student Enrollment.

Digital Records & Reporting

Have all dismissal data at your fingertips including every student’s name, who they were dismissed by, the pick-up person’s full name, and the exact time dismissed.

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Integrated Safety Modules

Seven connected modules streamline efficiencies, enhance safety, and improve learning outcomes

Classroom Communication

Streamline dismissals with schedule changes instantly communicated across all stakeholders and the option to release students directly from the classroom.

Carline Management

Your release staff will love our automated carline system that increases safety and reduce chaos with 100% accountability and easy-to-use human verification tools.

Bus & Transportation

Seamlessly transport students with a daily manifest to tell you who should be on the bus, based on dismissal changes and a bus ridership to tell you who was actually on the bus.

Visitor Management

Safely manage visitors with multi-campus attendance tracking, cross-reference sex offense data, and sign-in/out for students, staff, and volunteers.

After School Programs

Digital dismissal provides added safety including a daily list of attending students, authorized caregiver data, student sign-in/out, and attendance tracking.

Drills & Reunification

Ensure students & staff safety with an easy-to-use emergency management solution featuring a first responder’s dashboard, fast roll call, and reunification tools!

HallPass Management

Create and manage hall passes, prevent meet-ups, locate student whereabouts, and download comprehensive reports.

Built For Districts and Schools of All Sizes

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Districts Depend on KIDaccount

"It is really amazing what KIDaccount has created. They are true innovators in visitor management, school safety, office to class communications and dismissals. It's so easy and our staff love it."

Sam Duncan
Dr. Sam Duncan

"KIDaccount has given us that accountability piece to be able to tell you where every student has gone and who has picked them up, while providing peace of mind for parents, teachers, admin, and students."

Amy Emmenderfer
Amy Emmenderfer

"Before KIDaccount, we used to send notes to the classroom with announcements. Now, we can update everything all in one system with no classroom disruption giving teachers more time to focus on the students."

Christina West
Christina West
KIDaccount integrates seamlessly with ClassLink, PowerSchool, Lumen, Infinite Campus, Clever, and more.
Safely Connect and sync

Seamless Integration

As a web-based application, KIDaccount seamlessly integrates with your current Student Information System.

At KIDaccount, we are committed to protecting your data. We keep up with industry standards and are both FERPA and COPPA compliant.

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KIDaccount is a complete, customizable daily school safety and dismissal system that accounts for all souls on campus – all day, every day. Seven fully integrated safety modules share vital information, streamline efficiencies, enhance student safety, and improve learning outcomes.

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