"We Account for Kids"
School Safety

"It's easy, reliable...provides peace of mind schools need to manage modern safety concerns!" -Principal Clippard Elementary

Proudly Serving the 1st, 3rd and 9th largest schools in MO!

Web-Based Accounting Solutions for All Schools

"I would tell other teachers...your school day doesn't have to end in chaos...there is another way!"

-Teacher, Dismissal Duty

On-Site Training

KIDaccount arrives on-site to assist schools with installation and staff training for all  dismissals...Incl. DISASTER PREPAREDNESS, DIGITAL SIGN IN/SIGN OUT, CAR LINE, BUS MODULES...and MORE!

Innovative Security Solutions

Smooth software integration, functions on school's network

Blends 21st Century Technology with Human Verification

Parent App ( IOS, Android)

It is really amazing what KIDaccount has come up with, (they) are true innovators in terms of School Security.”
Dr. Sam Duncan, Superintendent
New Madrid R1 School District


KIDaccount representatives are here to assist your school!

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