Summer 2023

HallPass by KIDaccount: A Teacher’s Perspective

HallPass by KIDaccount: A Teacher’s Perspective

After implementing the digital HallPass by KIDaccount, this high school teacher speaks honestly about her experience using the safety and accountability software. “KIDaccount’s tools, along with excellent customer service, are surpassing our expectations and we are excited to move forward with the product next school year.”

HallPass in the News

HallPass in the News

Check out what the media has been saying about HallPass by KIDaccount!

Automated Dismissal: Carline and Bus Safety Panel

Automated Dismissal: Carline & Bus Safety Panel

At the MAESP 2023 Leadership Conference, various school leaders spoke on a school safety panel. They discussed how an integrated and automated dismissal improved relationships between school staff and community, while providing additional layers of security and accountability for students.

KIDaccount safety product Carline Management makes pick-up and drop-off a breeze at Kirkwood school

KIDaccount Makes Pick-Up & Drop-Off a Breeze

The St. Louis Post Dispatch published a press release announcing the implementation of KIDaccount's Carline Management product to the Kirkwood school system. Read the full press release to learn more.

Winter 2022 

Reunification: Best Practices & Tools for After an Emergency

Reunification: Best Practices & Tools for After an Emergency

While we continue to work to make schools as safe as possible, there will still be events out of our control. How we respond to those events will make the difference in the recovery in the aftermath of an emergency or tragic event. Remember, there is no timeline on reunification. The number one priority is to make sure the students are safe and that families get reunified safely and securely.

AAESA President, Waller Martin, discusses school safety and praises KIDaccount for being the safety platform every school needs.

Hear President Waller Martin Discuss School Safety

President Waller Martin of the Alabama Association of Elementary School Administrators (AAESA) discusses why he loves KIDaccount as a school safety and dismissal solution, and how KIDaccount has changed his school for the better.

2022 KIDaccount Product Year-in-Review

2022 KIDaccount Product Year-in-Review

What a year! It’s been an incredible 2022 meeting amazing people at trade shows in cities throughout the country to ensure we are putting out the best product possible. In 2022, KIDaccount introduced key enhancements to drive up value for our customers. Click the link below to learn more about the enhancements. Thank you so much for your support in 2022. We can’t wait to get started in 2023!

Hornet Park Elementary wins $500 Grant from KIDaccount. Image shows teachers and students outside by school bus during dismissal.

Hornet Park Elementary Wins $500 Grant!

We are thrilled to announce our winner of the $500 grant from the summer newsletter is Hornet Park Elementary School in Beech Grove, IN! Principal Erin Probus will use the funds to pilot KIDaccount in an effort to update and improve their dismissal process.

Summer 2022 

The 3 big R's for Summer Break

Sweet SummeRRR Time Tips & Tools

For educators, summer is a time for relaxing, recharging, and retooling. Let’s face it, educators are naturally curious, life-long learners. We yearn to learn as much as we can so we can be our best selves for our kids. As you begin your summer, let’s talk about those three big Rs - Relaxing, Recharging, and Retooling.

Apply for a $500 grant for your school

Apply for a $500 Grant!

The winner of the grant will receive $500 for your school on behalf of KIDaccount. To be considered, fill out the form on the next page and schedule a demo.

Guest Post by Bethany Petty: Effective Activities for the End of the School Day

Guest Post: Effective Activities for the End of the School Day

Bethany Petty is a teacher at Central R-III School District in Park Hills, MO. In this guest post, Bethany explores activities for the end of the school day that are both effective and engaging.