HallPass by KIDaccount: A Teacher’s Perspective

HallPass by KIDaccount: A Teacher’s Perspective
HallPass by KIDaccount is being piloted at Fox High School to a handful of eager teachers that are looking to find a replacement for our current electronic hall pass system that is not meeting our standards for quality. Much to our satisfaction, we find the digital HallPass by KIDaccount system to be user-friendly for teachers, students, and administration in addition to providing useful data to help manage our schools. KIDaccount’s tools, along with excellent customer service, are surpassing our expectations and we are excited to move forward with the product next school year.

Our teachers’ favorite part of HallPass by KIDaccount is the format of the software itself. With the ease of logging in, creating passes, and accessing important reports, this software makes utilizing a digital hall pass effortless. The ability to see who is in the hallway and where they should be headed far exceeds our expectations and the customizable amount of teacher control works well in all classrooms. Personally, I enjoy that my students can take total control of utilizing the digital hall pass after requesting permission. Other teachers choose to keep control and issue hall passes themselves from their own devices. All teachers love having the options to customize that control.

The HallPass by KIDaccount tools are top notch and continue to be updated to meet the needs of our school. The tool of “claiming” a student is helpful in student accountability and as a whole, the number of students wandering our hallways has dropped in classes piloting the system. Having access to student usage reports has been helpful in writing Instructional Management Plans for our special education teachers and help administration easily identify students who have set off vaping alerts in restrooms or are meeting up with friends on a regular basis.

In addition to the wonderful tools that the HallPass by KIDaccount system has, one of its biggest highlights is the ability to consistently refresh and constantly stay up to date without lags. The accountability of this program is remarkable and is a welcome change from the system we have used in the previous two years.

It is clear that by utilizing HallPass by KIDaccount, we will be able to take control of our hallways and restrooms and redirect students who are choosing to make bad decisions. HallPass by KIDaccount will lead to a much safer and secure campus for everyone.
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