Hornet Park Elementary Wins $500 Grant!

Hornet Park Elementary wins $500 Grant from KIDaccount. Image shows teachers and students outside by school bus during dismissal.

We are thrilled to announce the winner of the $500 grant from the summer newsletter is Hornet Park Elementary School in Beech Grove, IN! Principal Erin Probus will use the funds to pilot KIDaccount in an effort to update and improve their dismissal process.

“Our school currently uses a system that involves days spent handwriting tags for each and every student that are used in a daily routine of interpreting radio chatter from a chaotic cafeteria and processing piles of post-it notes to ensure students are in order,” said Principal Probus. “This process works but it is clunky, laborious, and outdated. We aren’t doing many things in education the same way we did them over a decade ago, but our dismissal process seems relatively unchanged”.

With KIDaccount, dismissal chaos is eliminated. Principal Probus and her students will experience a dismissal process that is calm, safe, and effective. KIDaccount allows for streamlined dismissals with schedule changes throughout the day communicated from the front office to the classroom and the option to release students directly from the classroom. As a silent dismissal software, KIDaccount eliminates the audio/radio traffic, overhead paging, and manual processes regarding dismissal changes.

It’s not too late to level up daily safety at your school! Book a demo now or apply to be our next grant recipient below! 

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