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The 3 big R's for Summer Break

For educators, summer is a time for relaxing, recharging, and retooling. After 20 years in the classroom, I learned to live for summer. It was my time to grow, learn, and prepare for my next year’s students. Let’s face it, educators are naturally curious, life-long learners. We yearn to learn as much as we can so we can be our best selves for our kids. I left the classroom in December, but I still have that longing to learn and grow as much as I possibly can. As you begin your summer, let’s talk about those three big Rs.


There is so much talk about self-care in this high-burnout career. We always hear about practicing self-care, but very little about what that really looks like. Here are some practical ideas for self-care this summer.

  • Find a nature trail or park to take a walk each day. I am lucky enough to live on a street that is basically its own nature trail. Did you know that walking strengthens your heart, lowers your blood sugar, boosts your immune system, eases your joint pain, and boosts your mood? Plus, it is FREE and easy to fit into your daily routine (Harvard Health).
  • Another FREEBIE! Practice breathing exercises. Taking slow, deep breaths can calm your body and get you into a relaxed state.
  • Treat yourself to a massage. This one is not free, but it is worth the investment in yourself! Releasing the tension from your muscles is good for the mind, body, and soul.


Summer is the perfect time to add some healthy habits that fuel your body, mind, and spirit. Make yourself a priority! Here are some simple ways to fill up your energy bucket.

  • Listen to an inspirational podcast or audiobook. I love to take my morning walks and listen to John O’Leary’s Live Inspired podcast. My audiobook recommendation is Greenlights by Matthew McConaughey. It is read by him. Plus, it is funny and inspiring.
  • Invest in yourself. What is it that makes you feel more confident? I always feel my best when I walk out of the salon with a fresh haircut and style. Sometimes, I just schedule a blowout and style when I’m feeling a little over-stressed.
  • Add one healthy habit to your diet or lifestyle. Eating better, drinking enough water, or getting exercise are all great ways to recharge your mind and energy.


As you look for ways to improve your school this summer, look for tools that make your job easier and more efficient. Dismissal time is a hectic and stressful time that happens every single day. An automated dismissal system can help you maintain that relaxed, Zen state of mind you developed over the summer throughout the school year. KIDaccount is the leading expert in automated dismissal. Here are just a few ways they help alleviate the chaos and stress plus improve safety surrounding dismissal.

  • Lighten the workload by automating dismissal changes. Instead of writing out notes when a parent calls and hoping they get delivered correctly, you can key the dismissal changes into KIDaccount to automate this process. You can even create custom schedules with the touch of a button. No more keeping track of multiple student schedules. Office staff and teachers love this!
  • Know every single soul on campus with the visitor management system, as well as running every visitor through the National Sex Offender Database.
  • Have total peace of mind at dismissal. KIDaccount matches each student up with approved caregivers all while improving the efficiency of your carline. Check out kidaccount.com to learn more.

Educators have the most difficult, stressful, time-consuming, mentally exhausting, yet most rewarding job on the planet. Know that you are making a difference in this world. As you are retooling this summer, choose tools that will help you stay in that calm mindset throughout each day of the school year. Make sure you also take plenty of time for relaxing and recharging, you have earned it!

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