KIDaccount Parent App

KIDaccount Parent App

Stay Informed & Manage Your Child's Dismissal with the KIDaccount Parent App

The KIDaccount Parent App offers a secure and convenient way for parents and caregivers to stay informed about their child’s school dismissal. Manage dismissal and pick-up procedures with ease using KIDaccount’s digital ID. The app integrates seamlessly with the established KIDaccount system used in schools nationwide, enhancing both safety and efficiency.

You can download the KIDaccount Parent App by scanning the following QR code or clicking this link: Get KIDaccount Parent App

Download the KIDaccount Parent App from the App Store by scanning the QR code.

Key Parent App Features:

Secure Access to Dismissal Information:
  • Easily access crucial dismissal and pick-up information.
  • Share digital ID access with authorized individuals.

Digital KIDaccount Cards:
  • Access digital KIDaccount cards with a click on your phone.
  • No longer a need for physical cards means no more scrambling in the pick up line for your card.
KIDaccount Parent App Dismissal Information and Digital ID

Real-Time Notifications:

  • Receive push notifications every time your child’s dismissal procedure changes.
  • Get alerts when your child is picked up, including by whom.

Emergency Contacts :

  • Share app information with your child’s emergency contacts. 
  • It is important to ensure all authorized pick-up contacts are up to date with the school. 
KIDaccount Parent App Real Time Notifications and Emergency Contacts
Take control of your child's school dismissal process. ​

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